This range of ATEX IECEx CCTV products is designed for safe operation within explosive and hazardous environments where inflammable gases, mists, vapours or dust may be present. Should explosive gases seep into the housing and be ignited, the explosion will be wholly contained within the body and no flames or gasses will escape to affect the surrounding area.  

Please note that the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU places a responsibility under law on all employers to classify areas of the workplace where potentially explosive atmospheres may occur. This means that any equipment used in these areas must be certified appropriately for the explosion risks which have been identified.

The ’ Phoenix’ range of flameproof CCTV equipment has been tested by SGS-BASEEFA, which is recognised as being one of the top certification bodies in their field, both in Europe and globally. They conduct regular audits of our manufacturing facility to confirm that exacting production standards are being maintained.  

Each model is protected from corrosion by being powder-coated over a chromate primer with anodised end plates.This ensures  long-term reliability in the harshest environments, such as the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico.

These products are typically used by petrochemical, aerospace, industrial and offshore industries and can be found in:
  • Oil Refineries
  • Oil & Gas Rigs
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Rocket Launching Sites


Model Options

FP50B - Pan & Tilt - 448x167x286mm (LxWxH), 18.4kg, incl. Preset potentiometer, Side mount.

FH07B-30 - Housing - 545x209x186mm (LxWxH), 10kg, incl. Heaters, Sunshield, Optional Built-In receiver and Wipers. 

FH07B-40 - Housing - 675x209x186mm (LxWxH), 11.8kg, incl. Heaters, Sunshield, Optional Built-In receiver and Wipers.

FH07C-30 - Housing - 545x209x186mm (LxWxH), 10kg,  incl. Heaters, Sunshield, Optional Built-In receiver and Wipers.

FH07C-40 - Housing - 675x209x186mm (LxWxH), 11.8kg,  incl. Heaters, Sunshield, Optional Built-In receiver and Wipers. 

FPHC-40 - Camera Head -  675x209x186mm (LxWxH), 30.2kg (11.8kg Housing, 18.4kg Pan & Tilt),  incl. Heaters, Sunshield, Preset potentiometer, Optional Built-In receiver and Wipers.made in the uk



FH07-CGLAND -ATEX II 2 GD compound-filled barrier gland for unarmoured cable, suitable for use with Phoenix II C camera housing

FH07-W-B - Spare wiper arm and blade for FH07 housings

        FBP100 - FBP100  Heavy Duty Bracket, 100kg 

        CAHA1040 -  Swivel-mount Adaptors, 40kg rated, standard 4 inch pcd. 

       CDBS4540 - Fixed Bracket for FH07 housings 40Kg maximum load.



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