Molynx CCTV Washer Units:
CAHL4010-WU: 230 V AC, 50 Hz  CCTV Washer Unit
CAHL4011-WU:  24 V AC, 50 Hz  CCTV Washer Unit
Dirt build-up on a camera housing window reduces the performance of the camera and is not always easy to remove. Cameras are often installed such that the housings are not easily accessible. The washer unit CAHL401x-WU enables easy and efficient cleaning.  
These washer units have been designed to operate with any camera housing of types CHSL4010 & CHSL4011 with fitted wiper. It assists in keeping the camera housing window clean. The operation of the washer can be controlled from a control unit via a telemetry receiver. A self-resetting TOC is incorporated to prevent overheating. This CCTV washer is designed to meet most outdoor CCTV applications (IP66 weatherproof rating)
Key features include: 
  • Efficient cleaning of the camera housing window
  • Washer unit can be operated by remote control
  • 5 litres container  
  CCTV Washer
CAHL4010-WU: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
CAHL4011-WU:   24 V AC (± 2 V), 50 Hz
Voltage  options     230V AC and 24V AC
Operating power    52 W
Dimensions            230 x 190 x 300 mm (L x W x H)
Weight                    Empty: 2 kg : Full: 7 kg
Colour                     Wall bracket: Stainless steel
                                Pump unit case: Polycarbonate
                                Washer container: H.D.P.E thermoplastic 
Other AC voltage variants are available, please ask for detail.  






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Williams Electronics Limited trading as MOLYNX Systems.