VIS3I-328  Visilynx 3 Integrated System Unit 32 x 8 ISU  

V3i Visilynx MatrixThe Visilynx V3i is an extremely versatile matrix switcher, with 32 inputs and 8 outputs as standard contained in a 19" wide by 3U high enclosure. It allows you to connect two identical units together using an expansion cable to form a full 64x16 matrix.
Molynx C type (Molynx Coax telemetry) is supported also RS485 protocols:
Molynx, Pelco D, Siemens CCDA, Siemens SCU, Kalatel, Vista PowerDome, JVC 675, Ultrak/Diamond, Dennard, VCL, Videmech Universal, Sensormatic SpeedDome and Vicon
 V-K Visilynx KeyboardSystem Features
  • Independent video loss detection per video input
  • Optional quad video output card
  • Multiple telemetry control protocols (Molynx, Pelco D, VCL see above for full list) 
  • Molynx up the Coax telemetry control 
  • Variable speed control of PTZ and speed dome devices
  • Flexible text overlay with up to 18 characters and 14 rows
  • Multiple alarm handling
  • Satellite system support


V3i-P: VISILYNX V3i camera control via Pelco D RS485 input

  • Software has been developed to allow VISILYNX V3i camera control via Pelco D RS485 input

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Williams Electronics Limited trading as MOLYNX Systems.



Software has been developed to allow VISILYNX V3i camera control via Pelco D RS485 input