top of solarisSolaris offers accuracy, speed and reliability with high quality images. Its unique split concept External Termination Unit (XTU) and camera Head Unit (HU) has proven to be the solution of choice for installers and end-users around the world. From shops to holiday resorts, hospitals to commercial premises, with superb picture quality, Solaris ensures that security is kept at its highest. These new developments in dome technology now bring you more features than ever before. 


Model options:

CCDS1425-ST Sony Ebutton 1Xview Colour Camera, Focal Length 4.1 to 73.8mm(F1.4 to F3), Minimum illumination: Colour 0.5 Lux, 18x Optical/12x Digital Zoom

CCDS1425-DN - Sony EXviewbutton 1 Colour Camera/Mono Camera, Focal Length 4.1 to 73.8mm(F1.4 to F3), Minimum illumination: Colour 0.5 Lux and Mono 0.01 Lux, 18x Optical/12x Digital Zoom

CCDS1425-DNX - Sony EXview button 1Colour Camera/Mono Camera, Focal Length 2.5 to 91mm (F1.6 to F3.8), Minimum illumination: Colour 0.5 Lux and Mono 0.01 Lux, 26x Optical/12x Digital Zoom

CCDS1425-DN36 - Sony EXviewbutton 1 Colour Camera/Mono Camera, Focal Length 3.4 to 122.4 mm (F1.6 to F4.5), Minimum illumination: Colour 0.05 Lux and mono 0.01 Lux, 36x Optical/12x Digital Zoom


System features

Operating Temperature -  -10°C to +40°C, ease of installation with all external connections made at ground level via the XTU, local on-screen verification of video signal and set-up via user-friendly XTU LCD panel replacing conventional switches and jumpers. All Solaris features are available when used with third party controllers or DVRs (limited functionality). A single ‘CAT 5’ RJ45 cable is used to link the XTU to the Head Unit (HU).

Environmental - IP67

Electrical - 110 to 230Vac input. Head Unit, 18-24Vdc supplied from the XTU.

Colour - White

Mounting - Soffit/wall/pole, recessed ceiling, swan neck and pendant mount.


made in uk


Telemetry Protocols

Coax Protocols - Molynx ‘C’ 

RS485 Protocols - Molynx ‘D’, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, VCL, Vicon, Siemens CCDA,

Visilynx PCCon, Ernitec,  Philips, Photon, Videmech Universal

Solaris Dome Accessories
CCDS1425-RTU - (Remote Telemetry Unit)
button 1Comprising local power supply for Head Unit and control interconnection. Enables XTU to be sited up to 300m away from the Head Unit with the interconnection between RTU and XTU made via CAT5 cable. 110-230Vac input.



A replacement PSU for a SOLARIS XTUbutton 1

CCDS1425-PSU 005




CCDS1425-XTU - Solaris Dome Controller

An optional control unit (XTU) for the future installation of a Solaris dome.button 1

XTU front




CCDS1425-SN - Swan Neck Bracket

Supplied galvanised unpaintedbutton 1

swan neck



CCDS1415-WM - Wall Mount Bracket

White powder coated, RAL9010

This wall mount can be used to mount a Solaris dome camera to a flat‚ upright wall.

The wall mount has four holes. These holes are serve to pass continuous banding through the mounting plate to attach it to a pole. The banding is not within the scope of supply

button 1

wall dome




Click here for more information button 1




CCDS1425-PM - Pendant Mount Bracketbutton 1




CCDS1425-FM - Recessed Ceiling Mount Kitbutton 1

2gf11948cb ccds1415fm 026 01 400x400



CCDS1415-BM - Parapet Mount Adaptor

For CCDS1415-WM, White powder coated, RAL9010




CCDS1415-CMA - Corner Adaptor Bracket

For CCDS1415-WM, white powder coated, RAL9010button 1

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corner adapter bracket



CCDS1415-SS - White Sunshield / Rain Brim

Fits onto the Head Unit to provide additional protection for the viewing hemisphere from bright sun and 


button 1

CCDS1425-Sunshield 001



CCDS1415-BCCCDS1415-BS - Replacement Hemisphere 

CCDS1415-BC - Clear Hemispherebutton 1

CCDS1415-BS - Smoked Hemispherebutton 1




Williams Electronics Limited trading as MOLYNX Systems.

Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) IECEx / ATEX (Baseefa ATEX 6818) by Baseefa Ltd. (Notified Body 1180)